Mondays 10 to 12 at Lavender House, Lawrence.

This new and exciting group will capture the freedom of “spiritual, and religious or not” with interfaith and multidisciplinary exploration of what it means to be human (Who am I?), as well as ancient-new paths to spiritual growth and inner peace (allowing what is) that lead to outer expressions of compassion in the world.

This will be an ongoing weekly group. We’ll read, watch videos, share thoughts and experience and meditate together. Peggy Beatty, www.new.ecumenicus.org, will lead the group. She is a scientist – mystic, Interfaith minister, spiritual counselor and meditation teacher with a passion for helping people love their truth, find their purpose and keep the balance.

*Offering: $5.00/week; $15/month; $90/6months, $150/year – Thats 25% savings with each increment increase. At least 30% of your offering goes to local charitable organizations through Peggy’s nonprofit, Ecumenicus. We are in this together!
*Free journal for those who pay for 6 or 12 months.
Email pbeatty@ecumenicus.org or the Lavender House address below for information.

Facebook.com/lavenderhouselawrence, or our website at www.lavenderhouse.org or e-mail lavenderhouse1600@gmail.com.