Spiritual Direction, more appropriately called spiritual companionship, is the art of deep listening and gentle guidance toward awakening to the mystery of the Divine Spirit in everyday life. In spiritual direction we seek a quiet and receptive mindfulness that is open and receptive to Divine Oneness. This awareness, along with a regular meditative prayer practice, reconciles our mind-body relationship through spiritual integrity. Then, we can bring this balance to our relationships and purpose in the world.

Spiritual companionship recognizes a deep concern for honesty and trust of those involved. All sessions are maintained  in complete confidentiality. Sessions are usually one hour long.

Group spiritual direction sessions include 4-5 people and last about 1.5 hours. Readings are sometimes used for reflection. Sessions consist of contemplative reading, silence, sharing, responding, and prayer. Groups are only local at this time.

Peggy is available for spiritual direction in person or by Skype or phone call. Appointments may be made by contacting her at